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Crossing borders and making connections with Pearl Jam in Québec
I highly recommend getting in a car for almost seven hours and driving into Québec to see Pearl Jam, if you get the chance. September

Collapsing, rebuilding and reigniting with Pearl Jam in Arizona
In which I return to Arizona under special circumstances, only part of which was Pearl Jam related. May 2022

Pearl Jam offers up surprising twists and turns on Gigaton
With seven years passing since their last album, I was not expecting quite so much weirdness on this one. Not unwelcome, though. March 2020

Night 43: A scorching introduction to Pearl Jam’s bootlegs
The fandom was already intense, but buying this two-CD set at Circuit City in 2001 basically ruined me. I'm not complaining. January 2020

Nothing's not my fault: Pearl Jam returns to Fenway Park
There were a lot of cool moments to be found while the band wound down their 2018 tour. September 2018

Pearl Jam teams with Seattle to bring its music home
I made the trip to see Pearl Jam in their home town and it was worth everything. August 2018

'Nothing As It Seems' and the story of Pearl Jam
On the brink of their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't forget the songs that aren't always on the radio. April 2017

Community and the unexpected, framed through Pearl Jam's Wrigley Field
The band is always great, but even they stepped it up in their return trip to the Chicago Cubs home. August 2016

Pearl Jam steps up in their first trip to Fenway
I've been waiting a long time to see this band play that park and it went above and beyond. Of course it did. August 2016

Pearl Jam sprints through a marathon at Madison Square Garden
This was my 20th time seeing them and I couldn't believe how high-energy and up-tempo every single thing was. They were burning. May 2016

Pearl Jam drives small town Moline to madness with 'No Code'
Playing their first-ever show in the Quad Cities, Pearl Jam pulled out all the stops, playing No Code in its entirety and breaking out several more requests and rarities. October 2014

Powering through all phases with Pearl Jam's 'Grievance'
It's only three minutes long, but there's so much going on during "Grievance." It's a song that takes me a lot of different places. August 2014

Restless Souls: How Pearl Jam fought back and saved themselves with Vitalogy
A longform e-reader that looks into the making of Pearl Jam's third album and all the ridiculous hurdles that the band had to clear circa 1994. June 2014

Music and message share center stage with Pearl Jam in Hartford
A speech before "Wasted Reprise" on the Newtown shootings reminded everyone of the gravity of life, but the music, as always, was there to bring levity to reality. October 2013

Pearl Jam shares the love with Massachusetts in Worcester
Over two nights in an unintentionally retro arena setting, Pearl Jam put on a pair of marathon shows and reaffirmed their love of the Boston region. October 2013

Pearl Jam crafts 'Lightning Bolt' as a bold, intricate statement
I really wondered if Pearl Jam was done as a creative unit after Backspacer landed in my lap with such a thud. But maybe I was wrong, because Lightning Bolt is fantastic. October 2013

Pearl Jam redefines the faithful at Wrigley Field
A personal account of Pearl Jam's thunderstruck show at the Cubs' home that carried a lot of weight and turned into one of their more memorable shows ever. July 2013

Ten years of Pearl Jam concerts, documented and charted
A decade after seeing Pearl Jam for the first time, I whipped up a chart that took forever to make but, in the process of it, summed up this whole fanaticism quite accurately in its own way. July 2013

Pearl Jam left everything on the Dead's stage at Soldier Field
In the first entry of the Bootlegging series, I took a closer look at Pearl Jam's performance at Soldier Field in 1995, one of my favorite less-than-legitimate recordings ever. January 2013

Months of frustration manifest in a three-record set
On Christmas, I got a copy of Pearl Jam Twenty on vinyl, a little more than a year after it immediately went out of print. It brought some closure, for sure. December 2012

Cameron Crowe delivers the ultimate Pearl Jam mixtape
The thrill of listening to Pearl Jam Twenty for the first time will not be forgotten for some time. This collection is amazing, and I tried to do it justice in a 600-word review. And just one week after trashing "Olé," too! September 2011

Pearl Jam's "Olé" another sign of descent
A free single on the band's PJ20 site shows that bands older than 20 rarely remain solid creative outfits. September 2011

Why another Pearl Jam live album?
Listening to it, I get it; it sounds good (minus the Backspacer songs). But a basic live album still seems strange for a band which has released so many live albums. January 2011

In the moment, Pearl Jam thrives
It was hard reconciling my dislike of the new record with their ability as a live band. As it turns out, that was silly. They rocked. May 2010

Too often, inspiration gives way to complacency on 'Backspacer'
For the record, it kills me to pan anything Pearl Jam does. But this album doesn't have the spook, and I can't make myself like an album. September 2009

Living a Pearl Jam show 3,000 miles away
A column dealing with my angst of having to live vicariously through my friends, who were fortunate enough to see Pearl Jam on their 2008 tour. July 2008

Not for me: Pearl Jam tickets too rich for my blood
If nothing else, this column shows that I can actually be critical of Pearl Jam when I want to be. March 2008

Wild call a quiet one for Vedder
A review of Eddie Vedder's soundtrack for Into the Wild. September 2007

Pearl Jam and their fans rally in Australia
I somehow have a lot of contacts Down Under thanks to the magic of the internets, and these Pearl Jam fans were more than happy to talk to me about a recent tour. December 2006

Return of the madness: A detailed glance at obsession, music and mental health through four Pearl Jam shows in three weeks
A very personal account of following my favorite band on the road, travelling with friends and getting turned on to new music. This one tops 4,000 words, and is one of my favorite pieces of writing. June 2006

'So long, this time I'm gone'
Hours — literally — after Pearl Jam released their self-titled eigth album, I chimed in with a song-by-song account. May 2006

The quest for the great, lost single
I spent years looking for Pearl Jam's "Off He Goes/Dead Man" single, and that journey came to an end in Berkley, Calif. March 2006

Bootlegs galore: Pearl Jam changed concerts forever
A look back at Pearl Jam's place in the concert industry, specifically their practice of selling official bootlegs — which, really, is an oxymoron — of all their live shows. August 2005

Pearl Jam glance back, look ahead
A review of Pearl Jam's greatest hits compilation, rearviewmirror. I believe this was also my first article for the fledgling Static and Feedback, too. January 2005

Confessions of a Pearl Jam junkie
A feature chronicling my mini-trek following Pearl Jam for two weeks. This story was published at, a Mike McCready fan and tablature site, as well. July 27, 2003

Note: I've mentioned Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder in many more features and reviews. Only those that specifically focus on the band or Vedder have been included.