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2011 Stanley Cup Finals

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Point of pride: I wrote the headline that topped the front page the day after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the sixth time.

I was thrown into the coverage mix for the Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup victory in 2011. All stories originally published in The Standard-Times and at

Thomas responds, Luongo doesn't
After nearly a week of yapping, Roberto Luongo again laid an egg on the TD Garden ice, while Tim Thomas was nearly unbeatable. Two days later, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. June 14, 2011

Thomas protects the crease, delivers a shutout
Goalie Tim Thomas responded to criticism for his style of play, stopping 38 shots, starting scraps and backstopping the Bruins to a 4-0 win that tied the Stanley Cup finals at two games apiece. June 9, 2011

Bruins respond to Horton hit, now it's NHL's turn
After Aaron Rome's late hit to right winger Nathan Horton, the Boston Bruins responded with eight goals in the third game of the Stanley Cup finals. Rome was suspended for the remainder of the series the next day. June 7, 2011


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Slava Fetisov, breaking out from the crowd
In which I open a 34-year-old pack of hockey cards and write about a guy. Jan. 4


Patrice Bergeron's defining moment
Taking stock of the greatest athlete I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Sept. 15

All the magic and flash of Sergei Samsonov
In the aftermath of a dud ending to a hockey season, it's fun to revel in 25-year-old highlights. June 15

David Pastrnak and the ghosts of the Big Bad Bruins
If you've been watching hockey this year, you know how much fun Past and the Bruins have been. April 12

Bringing scale to Gretzky's greatness
I spend enough time watching old Wayne Gretzky games and highlights that this seemed like a good time to excercise some old muscles. March 15


Tuukka Rask's quiet battle
Too many people look at Rask and see a whipping boy, when they should be seeing a warrior. June 11

Blaine Lacher and the virtue of patience
Lacher's NHL career is an extreme example, but a reminder to give young goalies space to breathe early in their careers. April 20


Fourteen years to forever
Boston had never seen anything like Zdeno Chara. Dec. 31

Why not Jaroslav Halak?
The Bruins are moving on to the second round of the NHL's pandemic bubble experiment. So it makes total sense that the backup goalie will be the guy who does or doesn't lead Boston to glory. Aug. 20

It was impossible to ignore Jarome Iginla's greatness
Iginla's induction into the hall of fame was a good excuse to remember his one year in Boston. June 26

Ray Bourque going to work, every day
The sheer force of will that Bourque demonstrated in his career was inspiring. May 28

Five games to get you through the doldrums
If I'm going to watch this much hockey, I might as well put it to work and let someone else enjoy the fruits of my mindless youtube watching research. April 17

Reliving Nifty's glory days
Beyond the highlight reels, watching all these vintage games means I get to witness Rick Middleton in real time. April 15

Normand Léveillé and the Greatest Hurrah
Léveillé final skate at Boston Garden was not his final great moment. April 10

In which we discuss the sustained brilliance of Mark Howe
It's easy to fly under the radar when your father is one of the greatest to ever play the game. April 9

The perforated edges of the Barons, North Stars and Gilles Meloche
An altered hockey card is a springboard to the merger of the Cleveland and Minnesota teams, circa 1978. April 8

Sean Burke and the navy blue vs. green debate
The navy blue Whalers jersey deserves more love. April 7

A very specific period where Montreal isn’t the villain
It took a while to get to the point where I didn't enjoy looking at the Canadiens' sweater. April 6

Mike Gartner went by in a blur
It's still a little bit of a bummer to me that Gartner didn't get to lift the Stanley Cup in 1994. April 3

P.J. Axelsson, making the right play
For more than a decade, Axelsson was one of the few Bruins who could be counted on for every single shift. April 2

Ron Tugnutt's masterpiece
Tugnutt's 70-save performance in a 3-3 tie is still one of the most entertaining games I've ever seen. April 1

'Go out and win the hockey game'
Andy Brickley has practically become an institution in the Bruins' broadcast booth. March 31

Locked in with the Great One
Scouring Wayne Gretzky's numbers and finding even more ridiculous measures of his statistical dominance is a common game for me. March 30

Jeff Odgers has a job to do
Anyone can play hard for a winner. It takes something extra to do that when everything goes south. March 27

Andy Moog and artistic decisions on ice
Moog's Bruins mask was so good, he took it with him to Dallas. March 26

The mysterious past of Gordie Roberts
I am not exaggerating about how blown away I was to see "New England Whalers" on the back of this guy's card. March 25

Al Iafrate's sonic burst across New England
After writing the previous day's post, I decided to start pulling cards out of the pile and seeing what I could come up with. This was the first. March 24

When in doubt, turn to hockey
The coronavirus-instigated lock-down at home led me to a familiar place. March 23


David Krejci is still chipping away
On the eve of a third Stanley Cup Final, Krejci continues to do his job and add to his resume. May 26

One thousand games with Patrice Bergeron
In honor of Bergeron's 1,000th game, and what that means to a stranger who watches him play a game. Feb. 5

One thousand games with Patrice Bergeron
In honor of Bergeron's 1,000th game, and what that means to a stranger who watches him play a game. Feb. 5

Rick Middleton, a nifty defender
I got on a roll with hockey at this point. Here's a look at the numbers behind Middleton's transformation into a two-way forward. Jan. 14

A brief history of the Capitals' ownership of Boston
After watching Washington beat the Bruins for the 14th straight time, it seemed like a ... fun ... exercise to look back at all the nonsense. Jan. 11

Torey Krug and cures for the winter blues
Watching the Bruins on a random weeknight is inherently comforting. Watching Torey Krug do weird things during the games just makes them more fun. Jan. 9


I stole this from a hockey card
A look at Bill Barilko, the Tragically Hip and a hockey card I've been keeping on my desk. April 9

Rick Nash and a return to something old
I'm relaunching the blog and bringing back an old concept. Feb. 26

No NHLers? USA men's hockey still worth a watch
The talent gap became apparent when Russia completely stifled their offensive game, but still, USA has been interesting at the 2018 Olympics. Feb. 18

Bruins' Patrice Bergeron putting on a nightly hockey clinic
There's no better teacher for the casual fan than just watching what Bergeron does night after night. Feb. 4

Chara absolutely needs to be re-signed
Zdeno Chara is the most valuable 40-year-old in the NHL, to say the least. Jan. 21

Oilers step backwards during confusing season
I really wanted Edmonton to be a threat in out West in the NHL, and it's a bummer that they've regressed. Jan. 14


NHL outdoor games have become too much of a good thing
A classic NHL move is to take something good that they stumbled on and beat it into submission. Dec. 31

Brad Marchand has been indispensable for the Bruins this season
Marchand has evolved from the pest on Bergeron's line into an essential part of the Bruins' success. Dec. 17

Seattle is a perfect fix for NHL’s problems in Arizona
There are a number of better places for the Coyotes than Glendale, and Seattle is just the next good entry. Dec. 10

Two solid, dependable goalies are better than one
For the last time: there is no such thing as a goalie controversy. Dec. 3

Bruins finally holding onto their young talent
It was definitely a relief to see David Pastrnak signed rather than traded for draft picks. Sept. 17

How Nashville became a legitimate hockey town
It didn't happen overnight, but nearly two decades of solid leadership led to this moment for the Predators. May 28

How quick we are to forget Tuukka Rask's playoff successes
There were actual, full-time members of the Boston sports media who acted like 2017 was the first time Rask was great in the playoffs. April 23

Lack of Stanley Cup doesn't tarnish Alex Ovechkin
At some point, Ovechkin is probably going to raise the Cup. But he's already amazing as it is. April 9

Anton Khudobin will be needed in net down the stretch
As tempting as it is, driving Tuukka Rask into the ground trying to make the playoffs probably won't work. Feb. 26

How to fix the NHL All-Star Weekend, and the World Cup
I mean, they can start by not having the All-Star Game, but there's more to it than that. Feb. 19

Inconsistent defense is Bruins' biggest problem
Claude Julien might get the axe for a string of bad games, but it was always doomed thanks to a very young group on the blueline. Jan. 22

Oilers' Connor McDavid already a generational talent at age 20
Through his first 90 games or so, McDavid is keeping pace with some of the game's all-time greats. Jan. 15


There was Wayne Gretzky, and there was everyone else
The spotlight has rightly been on Jaromir Jagr's accomplishments, but it offers an opportunity to take in just how insane Gretzky was in his span. Dec. 25

Twenty-five years in, Jaromir Jagr won't slow down
I actually think it's been 27 years, but who's counting. Dec. 11

Bruins have been shaky without Tuukka Rask in net
While the Bruins round into form, Rask is still thankfully there as their backbone. Nov. 13

Chiarelli's player preferences lead to another lopsided trade
I can usually follow Peter Chiarelli's logic, but trading Taylor Hall the way he did is almost indefensible. July 3

Joe Thornton still plugging away in San Jose
More than 10 years after being traded from Boston, Thornton is still a point-per-game player and looking for his first shot at the Stanley Cup. May 15

After a confusing trade deadline, where are the Bruins headed?
After Feb. 29, Loui Eriksson was still a Bruin, but the wisdom in the rest of Don Sweeney's moves wasn't immediately obvious. March 6

Bruins follow Marchand's lead as 5th-year forward takes on responsibility
Brad Marchand has stepped into Milan Lucic's goal-scoring void, but his entire game has taken on a more serious tone. Feb. 14

John Scott in the All-Star Game? That's precisely what the NHL needs
Leave it to the NHL to take a fan movement and crap all over it before finally giving in. So leave it to the NHL to continue being the worst-run league in North America. Jan. 31


Tuukka Rask has bounced back from his disastrous October
Mild panic aside, Rask is one of the better goalies in the NHL, and his recovery only confirms that. Dec. 20

Is Colin Miller the Bruins' defenseman of the future?
About one month into the season and Colin Miller is doing everything he can on Boston's young blueline. Nov. 8

Lundqvist looking to add a cup to his resume
Henrik Lundqvist is in rare company at the moment as one of the greater goalies to never lift the Stanley Cup. May 17

Patrick Kane + 3 seconds = trouble
A moment where Patrick Kane was allowed to terrorize the Minnesota Wild provided a window into his entire game. May 10

The Islanders are no longer an afterthought
Sitting in first place in the Atlantic Division at the All-Star Break for the first time in 20 years, the Islanders are looking like a threat for the first time in more than two decades. Jan. 25

Hockey fights are on the way out, and that's not a bad thing
Fighting is becoming less and less common, but instead of a jarring new rule to outlaw them, the game seems to be getting to a place where it just isn't as necessary. Jan. 18


Dougie Hamilton delivering ahead of schedule
With Zdeno Chara out, the Bruins' 21-year-old defenseman has stepped up and helped fill those very large skates. Nov. 9

Bobby Robins finally fights his way to NHL debut
Robins is a 32-year-old rookie who made the Bruins roster for opening night. He worked a long time for that moment. Oct. 12

Rangers lack star power but bring class into Stanley Cup final
This whole column was inspired by Martin St. Louis, who is putting some of the final flourishes on his Hall of Fame resume. June 2

Bruins' game isn't pretty, but it's effective
The Boston-Montreal series is a prototypical clash of styles, with Montreal zipping around the ice and the Bruins trying their best to bulldoze their way to the net. May 10

Lucic is key to Bruins' physical, choking style
Milan Lucic was a bulldozer through the first four games of the Bruins' opening series against the Detroit Red Wings. April 26

Losing at home to open a series? Nothing new for these Bruins
The Bruins lost Game 1 of their first playoff series to the Detroit Red Wings. That's almost typical for them. April 20

No nonsense game sits well with Bruins coach Julien
Sidebar written on deadline contrasting the clean, tough game the Bruins and Blackhawks played, and the mess that the Bruins played against Montreal earlier that week. March 28

With heavy workload, Bruins' Rask has lived up to his promise
There have been a number of great goalies in Boston in the past 15 or 20 years, but Rask has distanced himself from the pack with his ability to shoulder so much of the load. March 15

The case for Olympic hockey
Once again, in the midst of an incredible Olympic hockey tournament, the NHL is wringing its hands over whether or not to send its players to the next Olympics, and that's ridiculous. Feb. 16

In search of defensemen, Bruins find a gem in Kevan Miller
He looked the part in preseason, but his play since being called up from Providence has surprised a lot of people. The Bruins signed him to a two-year contract as a result. Jan. 26

Wade Redden made the most of a bad situation
Redden announced an end to his 16-year professional career, which included two years in exile in the AHL. Jan. 12

Stadium Series lacks 'Winter Classic' feeling
The Winter Classic is probably the greatest victory the NHL has scored in the past 20 years, so of course they're trying to ruin it now. Jan. 5


Is Torey Krug what the Bruins have been searching for?
The rare case of a headline that ends with a question mark, and then answer is still, "yes." Krug has not let up since being called up in the 2013 playoffs. Nov. 10

Animosity between players, management is long gone with Bruins
Not long ago, the Bruins would've dragged Dennis Seidenberg through the mud and he would've left disgruntled before signing a new contract. That's over, thankfully. Oct. 6

Jarome Iginla gets into the swing in Boston
Deadline column on Iginla's first game with the Boston Bruins, which saw him get a huge ovation after his first fight in the black and gold. Oct. 4

Tim Thomas ready to prove his worth
The former Bruins goalie is returning from a year-long layoff and trying to find his game with the Florida Panthers. Whatever happens, it should be interesting. Sept. 29

Celtics, Bruins making the right choices — bold ones
In the same week, the Celtics hired 36-year-old Brad Stevens away from Butler and the Bruins cut ties with their 21-year-old phenom. But the basketball and hockey gods don't reward those who play it safe. July 7

Ference made his mark on Boston
Following the Bruins' loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final came the not-unexpected news that Andrew Ference would be leaving at the end of the year. He won't be forgotten. June 30

Still a season to remember for the Bruins
Written on deadline the night they lost Game 6 and the Stanley Cup to the Chicago Blackhawks. June 25

Bruins aim to get back to tight-checking style of playoff hockey
Game 4 saw the Bruins making sloppy passes, coughing up the puck in the neutral zone and failing to clear their own end. They still almost won, but that's not their game. June 22

Future unwritten for Bruins
I was thinking about Joe Strummer a day or two after the Bruins' epic loss in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and it turned into this. June 15

Gregory Campbell embodies the Boston mentality
Famously, Campbell dove to block an Evgeni Malkin shot, broke his leg and kept skating. That mentality is part of what has the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals again. June 9

NHL playoffs demand spotlight
How little do I pay attention to other sports while the Bruins are playing for the Stanley Cup? The Red Sox were almost no-hit in Chicago and I didn't have a clue. May 26

On Torey Krug's first two playoff games
Bruins rookie defenseman Torey Krug has had a memorable run in the playoffs so far and helped an injured defense corps. What does it mean? Who can say? May 20

In praise of Patrice
I can imagine the Bruins minus any of their guys and being okay except for two — Zdeno Chara, because he's the anchor of the defense, and Patrice Bergeron, because there's no one else like him. May 19

Boston's Mr. Clutch
When the calendar flips and the Bruins are in the playoffs, David Krejci wakes up, and only broken bones seem to slow him down. May 12

NHL needs to get dirty hits out of game
Ottawa's Eric Gryba's monstrous hit on Montreal's Lars Eller was just the latest example of why hits to the head needs to be taken out of hockey forever. May 5

Hoping for a quick recovery from Patrice Bergeron
More than anyone else on the team, even Zdeno Chara, the Bruins rely on Bergeron. And he's a good dude. So here, I'm hoping he comes back from a concussion relatively quickly. April 7

From ice to notepad, a line for the ages
When the Bruins put Tyler Seguin with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron at the start of the 2011-12 season, I noticed that it might be one of my favorite lines ever. A year later, and they're far and away Boston's best unit. March 3

Tim Thomas made many memories — on the ice
Tim Thomas got caught up in a lot of nonsense over his politics and his sabbatical in his last year in Boston. But he'll be remembered for his brilliance in net. Feb. 10

Rask belongs in Bruins' net
A look at Tuukka Rask and his opportunity to finally be a no. 1 goaltender in the NHL. Jan. 27


Not wasting any more time for NHL dunces to end lockout
At some point, it's just an exercise in frustration when you're just waiting for idiots to hammer out a simple issue. No thank you. Dec. 9

Not hard to find hockey during NHL lockout
A trip to Providence to catch the Baby Bruins served as a nice reminder of the many hockey options that exist outside of the NHL, which Gary Bettman continues to hold hostage. Nov. 11

Bettman's poor leadership knows no limits
As the NHL began canceling regular season hockey games, I lost my patience with the entire lockout and pointed a finger at the man in charge of the previous three lockouts. Oct. 7

Bettman setting course for NHL lockout
The NHL has seen unprecedented success in the past few seasons, and the idea that the commissioner of the league would look to sink it in order to grab a bigger cut upset me. Sept. 9