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On Torey Krug's first two playoff games
Bruins rookie defenseman Torey Krug has had a memorable run in the playoffs so far and helped an injured defense corps. What does it mean? Who can say? May 20

Mothers' Day: Mom taught us baseball, too
Along with a bunch of other talented folks, I got to write something nice about my mom and baseball for Mother's Day over at SB Nation. May 12


Bases Loaded 3
I was asked to contribute to Baseball-Prose.com as an offseason guest writer, and here, I recalled how I funnelled my early baseball devotion through Bases Loaded 3, a Nintendo game that's been somewhat lost to time. Dec. 14

The Sports Guy. Yup.
Quickly, the story with this: sportswriting mogul Bill Simmons had gotten yet another name incorrect in print — I believe he called Bruins left wing Brad Marchand "Andrew." So my friend at Essence of Baseball asked me to write a sports column in the style of Simmons and Grantland. Errors in fact and spelling abound. Enjoy? Sept. 26

The Highs and Lows of Tim Wakefield
Written for Essence of Baseball. A look at Red Sox starting pitcher Tim Wakefield, his tenuous spot in Boston's rotation, and how a 44-year-old knuckleball pitcher spends his time in the major leagues. June 6


Too loud: Recent research suggests that even in utero, excessive volume can damage hearing
Written while I worked for Gannett Pacific Publications and published in the Salem (Ore.) Statesman Journal. Link will open a .pdf in a new window. Oct. 27


Expect Red Sox to celebrate another dramatic ending
Part of a column-swap with The News-Times of Danbury, Conn. One of their columnists wrote for The Standard-Times predicting victory for the New York Yankees, while I wrote for their paper, boasting of the Red Sox. As it turns out, he was right, I was wrong. Sept. 30