Portico Podcast

In the summer of 2020, I started work producing The Portico Podcast, from Mike Casey of Portico Advisers. Episodes are available below:


Oct. 2022: Aleem Remtula on Investing in Refugees & Displaced Communities



Sept. 2022: The Four Dynamics Shaping Global Private Markets



July 2022: Ben Fanger on Distressed Debt in China



June 2022: Howard French on "Born in Blackness"



March 2022: Nnennia Ejebe on the Art of Control Deals in Africa



Jan. 2022: Karim Hussein on Egypt's Vibrant Venture Landscape



Nov. 2021: Gopal Jain on India's Transformation



Oct. 2021: Tariq Fancy asks Is Sustainable Investing Dangerous?



June 2021: Greg Bowes on The State of EM Private Markets



April 2021: The Abraaj Fiaso



Feb. 2021: Viktor Shvets on The Great Rupture



Jan. 2021: Jake Cusack on Investing in Frontier & Fragile Markets



Dec. 2020: Weijian Shan on Leverage and Turnarounds in Asia



Nov. 2020: Tom Burgis on The Rise of Kleptocracy



Oct. 2020: Monica Brand Engel on Fintech & Financial Inclusion



July 2020: Private Equity & Development with Roger Leeds



June 2020: Early-stage VC in Africa with Atlantica Ventures



June 2020: Intro — What is the Portico Podcast and why should you listen to it?