Patrice Bergeron - Thumbnail

Patrice Bergeron.

Sept. 2023

Wayne Gretzky - Thumbnail

The Great One.

March 2023

Bill Russell - Thumbnail

Bill Russell.

Sept. 2022

Banner Years - Thumbnail

Banner years.

July 2020

Nifty Rick Middleton - Thumbnail

Nifty Rick Middleton.

April 2020

Jim Ed Rice - Thumbnail

Jim Ed Rice.

March 2018

Cobra - Thumbnail

Dave Parker, AKA Cobra.

March 2016

Vin Scully - Thumbnail

A brief timeline of things related and unrelated to Vin Scully.

May 2014

No Hitters - Thumbnail

A look at no-hitters and their collective awesomeness.

April 2013

Gotham Orioles - Thumbnail

New York's punishment must be more severe.

Sept. 2012

Miller Vs. Sale - Thumbnail

A Venn diagram, breaking down the differences between Andrew Miller and Chris Sale.

June 2012

2004 Red Sox - Thumbnail

Saying goodbye to the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Where are they now?

June 2012

Rajon Rondo - Thumbnail

A quick interpretation of Rajon Rondo's game.

March 2012

Dustin Pedroia - Thumbnail

Dustin Pedroia, leaping, hitting and short.

Feb. 2012

Justin Verlander - Thumbnail

Justin Verlander, baseball's most valuable player.

Nov. 2011

All Vice Team - Thumbnail

Assembling baseball's "All-Vice Team." They're pretty good.

Oct. 2011

Tim Thomas Comic Book - Thumbnail

Tim Thomas rendered as a comic book hero.

Oct. 2011

Carl Yastrzemski - Thumbnail

Celebrating Carl Yastrzemski's long, long career in baseball.

Aug. 2011

Dustin Pedroia's Streak - Thumbnail

A breakdown of Dustin Pedroia's 25-game hitting streak.

July 2011

Bay State Dreams - Thumbnail

This graphic plots all of the baseball teams in Massachusetts.

July 2011

Tim Thomas - Thumbnail

Do not tread on Bruins goalie Tim Thomas.

June 2011

Pedro Martinez - Thumbnail

A graphic of pitcher Pedro Martinez's career. Typography and photos.

May 2011

Sooner Sonics - Thumbnail

Made for a friend, a long-time Seattle SuperSonics fan trying to adjust.

May 2011


Pearl Jam - Live 30

Pearl Jam: an updated live history.

June 2023

Led Zeppelin - Thumbnail

Led Zeppelin in the studio.

Feb. 2023

Wharf Rat - Thumbnail

"Wharf Rat," 1971-1995.

July 2020

Hear My Train a Comin' - Thumbnail

Hear Jimi's train a comin'.

Dec. 2018

Pearl Jam live history - Thumbnail

Pearl Jam, a personal live history as a ridiculous chart.

July 2013

Play C3 - Thumbnail

Play C3, inspired by "Insignificance."

July 2012

Neil Young - Thumbnail

Neil Young. Smell the horse on this one.

Jan. 2012

Keef Riffhard - Thumbnail

My tribute to Keith Richards.

Sept. 2011

Keep Calm - Thumbnail

Keep calm, it's just some fun with two English classics.

Aug. 2011

Lifehouse - Thumbnail

A chart plotting the fate of all The Who's songs from their ill-fated Lifehouse project.

July 2011

Is She Weird - Thumbnail

A typographical interpretation of Pixies' "Is She Weird."

Dec. 2010

Pearl Jam's One Word Songs - Thumbnail

Pearl Jam's many one-word songs.

Nov. 2011

The Beatles - Thumbnail

A chart plotting the Beatles' discography from 1962 to 1970.

Dec. 2010



Since Jan. 2011, I've tracked what I listen to each day, in the form of an album-art calendar.


NE Hokies - Thumbnail

A logo for a Virginia Tech group.

July 2012

Warhol - Thumbnail

An Andy-Warhol-esque treatment of a photo for print.

June 2012

Rink Rap - Thumbnail

A banner for the "Rink Rap" Bruins blog.

Oct. 2009